The Impossible Quiz 2

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Introducing the sequel to one of the most unconventional puzzles of all time – The Impossible Quiz 2! Just like in the original, the puzzles are designed to be as insidious as possible. A seemingly simple question with four answers will definitely give you trouble and confuse you as much as possible. As a rule of thumb, the least obvious answer is probably the correct one.

Every The Impossible Quiz 2 game is kind of like an endurance round for you brain.  Most solutions will require you to think outside the box, rely on your imagination or read between the lines. To make things worse, your reflexes will also be tested by the bombs appearing in the top right corner: if you fail to give the correct answer before the timer runs out, the game will be over! Thankfully, there are also bonuses hidden in some of the levels: Skips and Fusestoppers allow you to skip a certain question or get rid of a bomb.

The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers

If this is your first time playing this game and you’re stuck, here are the answers to the first few questions to get you started:

  1. Up his sleevies (armies = arms, sleevies = sleeves)
  2. Paint (green paint, because otherwise there wouldn't be green to see)
  3. Earth (the rest of the options are actually candy bars)
  4. American (A merry can)
  5. Type what Frank tells you to do (either "arse", "carrot", or "udder")
  6. 8 (“Sentence” has 8 letters)
  7. Press the right arrow key (on your keyboard)
  8. 10 letters in ("The Great Wall of China" starts after ten letters into the question)
  9. Click the creature several times to make it evolve.
    SKIP: Click the bubble on the right side.
  10. Click and drag the words "a penguin" to reveal the answer.

Use the tips above to get your enjoyment of The Impossible Quiz 2 unblocked and apply the same principles to make it through the rest of this truly chaotic and entertaining game!


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